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        It all started with a State level workshop on RTI held at ATI, Kohima on 17/09/2005 in which more than 80 participants consisting of  Administrative Heads and HODs,  NGOs and the Media attended. Shri. Venkatesh Nayak of Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI), New Delhi was the main resource person. During the workshop,

 the Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms was identified as the implementing department for the implementation of the RTI Act in the State. 

        ATI had started trainings on RTI Act as early as February, 2006. In March,  2006 the Nagaland State Information Commission was set up with 3 members, besides a number of supporting staff. 

During 2007-08, with the implementation of the UNDP-GoI (i.e Department of Personnel and Training)  assisted project on “Capacity Building for Access to Information” (CBAI), a Right to Information Cell (RTI Cell) was set up in the Institute in 2007 headed by the Director and assisted by Nodal Officer (of the project) with the following objectives:-

  • Development of the capacity of government officials to meet citizen’s information needs for improved service delivery;
  • Establishment  of  an  institutional  mechanism  for  improvement  of  government-citizen  interface.
  • Development  of  awareness  and  capacity  in  citizens with  regard  to  their  right  to seek information, and
  • Facilitating research, documentation, communication and advocacy.

The project activities are undertaken as per the project guidelines developed by the National Implementing Agency (NIA) i.e Centre for Good Governance, Hyderabad and YASHADA, Pune.

The project was implemented through ATI, Kohima at the State level known as State Implementing Agency(SIA) in two identified districts of Dimapur & Mokokchung which are the District Implementing AgencIes (DIA) .

All RTI trainings and other activities are being undertaken by this Cell.


During 2007-08,  the following milestones need mentioning:-

  • Session on RTI was included in all training courses;
  • Module on Records Management was included in all RTI courses;
  • RTI courses conducted on special invitation by deptts. & organisations;
  • Besides PIO/APIO, ATI conducts training for Office Asstts. & other Govt. Officers;
    • Nodal Officer appointed at SIA (State Implementing Agency) level.
    • State Level Steering Committee on RTI was formed with the following members:-
    Principal Secretary (P&AR)                        - Chairman
    -State Information Commissioners    - Member
    -Director (ATI)                                                - Member
    -Secretary (IPR)                                             - Member
    -Nodal Officer for SIA                                    - Member Secretary

    For the implementation of the CBAI project,  RTI Cells were set up at DIAs level (Dimapur & Mokokchung) headed by the respective D.Cs. and District Nodal Officers appointed at DIA levels

  • CIC meeting with all DC on 23rd May, 2008 in the presence of the Commissioner, Nagaland, Home Secretary, Director, ATI.
  • Trained the Officers & staff of the SIC on 13th & 14th April, 2009.
    • Special training for PIOs of the Secretariat  on invitation by the P&AR in the  Sectt. Conference Hall on 23/9/08.
    • Besides, training imparted to other departments and gatherings on invitations

The project profile is as follows :

Name of the Project  :-  “Capacity Building for Access to Information” 
Project Area    :-   Dimapur & Mokokchung districts.
Project Period  :-  30 months (2006-2009)
Project Cost    :  20.00 lakhs. (Rs. 6 lakhs for SIA and Rs 7 lakhs to each for  DIAs).  
SIA: State Implementing Agency i.e. ATI, Kohima.
DIA: District Implementing Agency i.e. Dimapur & Mokokchung districts.


 Activities and achievements under various project components:-

1. Training & Capacity Building-

Report as in May, 2009

Note:  The upper numbers (in blue) indicates achievements, whereas the lower numbers(in black) indicates targets.

Conducted TOT for 25 SRPs by NIA(YASHADA, Pune) at ATI from 10th to 12th September, 2007.
Conducted TOT for the DRPs from the two project districts by SRPs:
Dimapur (29th – 31st Oct. 2007) = 21
ii.Mokokchung (6th  - 8th  Nov. 2007) = 21.
a. Training of PIOs/APIOs/AA/Govt. officials:-
18 – 20 June, 2008.
09 – 11 July, 2008
»28 – 30 July, 2008
»10 – 12 Sept. 2008
b. Training of representatives from CSOs/NGOs/Media etc.
24 June, 2008.
8 Aug. 2008

                        View photos of RTI trainings

 2. Research and Documentation

  • Translated the RTI Act into Angami(near completion), Ao, Lotha and Sema dialects.

  • Developed a pamphlet on Citizen's Guide to RTI in English;

  • Translated the Citizens' Guide to RTI (pamphlet) into Angami, Ao, Lotha and Sema dialects.

  • Published a Handbook for PIO/APIO/AA etc. which is used as training material.

  • Published a Directory of PIO/APIO/AA covering 177 Public Authorities in the State by SIA (ATI, Kohima).

  • Prepared a Directory of PIO/APIO/AA covering 79 PIOs & APIOs of Dimapur by the Dimapur district(DIA);

  • Prepared a Directory of PIO/APIO/AA covering 78 PIOs & APIOs of Mokokchung by the Mokokchung district(DIA);

3. Mass Awareness Campaign

Component of Work
Distribution of Pamphlets/ Brochures/Poster/Banners
Radio Programmes Aired
TV Advertisements
2 on DDK
Weekly on Local channel
Print Advertisements
Puppet Shows/ Road Shows/ Dance Dramas
to be

4. Clearing House at State/District Level

a. Project Coordination, Monitoring and Reporting
b. Networking with other States/NIA/Other stakeholders

 5. Dissemination and Advocacy

Component of Work
Distribution of RTI Act
Distribution of other Guides & Manuals
Seminars/ Talkshows

6. Information Fairs / Information Audit

Component of Work
Information Fairs conducted
Audit of Information requests & disposals
  • Conducted 'Information Fairs' at Rural Development and School Education Directorates.

7. Multi-stakeholder workshops

Component of Work
Multi-Stakeholder Workshops
* Held meetings of SRPs on 8 Oct. 2007 and 5 June, 2008.
** Workshop for Dimapur Naga Students Union and
    Workshop for Chakro Angami Public Organisation