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Manual –IV: The norms set by it for the discharge of its functions)

 The norms set by it for discharge of its functions.

 Officers from Joint Director level and above act as Course Director; whereas other officers act as Course Coordinators.

 From the level of Research Officer and above, excluding Registrar and Superintendents all officers act as faculty in their concerned field. Their duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Design and conduct courses in their respective field.

  2. Conduct Training Needs Analysis for other Govt. Departments.

  3. Liaisoning with Departments for design and conduct of training.

  4. Acquiring professional competency in the area of Specialisation.

  5. Developing training materials.

  6. Conduct of Seminar/Workshop

             Faculty Norms:

  1. Each Course Director and Course Coordinator has to conduct to the best effort the trainings  mentioned in the Annual Training Calendar.

  2. Each Course Director should be available in the Inaugural and Valediction functions in all training programmes.

  3. Each faculty is to develop handouts/reading materials relating to courses conducted by them.

  4. Each faculty should prepare at least one case study in a year.

 For more details, refer to ‘Job Chart for Course Directors, Course Coordinators, Research Officer etc.

 Staff Norms:

             The Registrar’s main function will be general supervision and control of the office staff including Grade- III and IV staff and all matters concerning discipline. He will remain in-charge of the establishment section dealing with appointment, leave, promotion etc. He will exercise control over such general matters are stationery, stores, furniture, stamp, typing, dispatching and recording. He will also distribute dak to different branches and to such other important and confidential work as may be entrusted to him. He will also be responsible for maintenance of service records, supervision and control of contingent expenditure.

             The Superintendent will remain in-charge of a branch of group or section with a list of allotted subjects and a number of Assistants under him. He will submit notes and drafts of himself and his Assistants as supervised or corrected by him, direct to the Director or any other Gazetted officer, under the matter. He will also distribute work among the Assistants, guide and train them and remain solely responsible for the work dealt with in his branch/ group/section.

             The dealing Assistants will promptly put up the papers marked to them to the branch officer/ Head of the deptt. through the Superintendent and Registrar.

 Quality Norms:

 (i)                  Training courses should be conducted with the best faculties and facilities available.

(ii)                Participatory method should be used in training courses.

(iii)               In addition to knowledge, skills of participants should also be developed by conducting exercises, project works and other participatory methods.

(iv)              Courses are to be conducted as per time schedule.

(v)                Course Director’s report should be submitted within a month from the date of completion of course.

(vi)              Course expenditure should be finalised within 15 days of completion of course.

(vii)             Feedbacks are taken from each of the participants in all training courses and the Weighted Average are calculated on a four point Scale as:-

From 0.00 to 1.00 = Fair

Above 1.00 to 2.00 = Good

Above 2.00 to 3.00 = Very Good

Above 3.00 to 4.00 = Excellent

a)      Any Guest Faculty scoring Weighted Average below 2.00 are not invited again.

b)      Officers of ATI scoring Weighted Average below 2.50 are encouraged to attend trainings so as to improve his/her performance within a period of one year. Still, if no improvement is observed then the details are recorded in his/her ACR.

Each Course Coordinator shall start inviting for nomination to a particular course at least 1 to 2 months in advance. Normally, acceptance of nomination closes 10 days before the commencement of the Course. If sufficient number of participants is not received, the course is postponed. The normal/ideal number of participants in a course is 30.

Officers of ATI involved in training activities are encouraged to attend at least 1 training outside the State. However, the maximum number of trainings is limited to 5 in a year.

For more details, please refer to ‘Work Norms for faculty.’