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Tips for writing application.  [by Er. W. Ezung]

i)                    Identify the public authority which holds the information.

ii)                   Use RTI if you want information or inquire the status of your application you have submitted earlier. For example, you apply for your passport today and file your RTI application the next day, then RTI application will not help. An RTI application can be filed only after the end of the time limit prescribed for that work.

iii)                 Information does not come for free. You need to pay for the cost of information (including mode of communication). Ask what is needed, else you may land up paying huge amount for the information later.

iv)                 Application can be submitted on plain paper in English, Hindi or local language addressed to the PIO.

v)                  Make the application more specific, clear and comprehensive about the information you need or the work and records you want to inspect, or the certified samples of materials you want to collect. If you ask vague questions, you will get vague answers. Do not hesitate to write them in as much detail as is necessary. Write them in the form of a list.

vi)                 Mention the period of records you want.

vii)               Mention the form in which you want information.

viii)              Mention the mode of communication which you desire the information.

ix)                 Give your contact details. PIO need it to intimate the cost and send you the information.

x)                  You are not required to give any reason for asking for the information.

xi)                 Your application should be accompanied by an application fee of Rs. 10.00 to be paid either in cash or Demand Draft or bankerís cheque.

xii)               If you are BPL(Below Poverty Line) mention it and produce proof of document like ration card, ID card etc. as there is no application fee and information is free.